Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Topic: Disha Ravi

Climate should be at the heart of every policy: Disha Ravi

“I’m happy that we are fighting for each other and our survival”, says Disha Ravi, a 22-year-old climate activist in the frontline of the climate fight in India.

COVID-19 emergency: Here is Disha Ravi’s tool kit to save you

As governments across India witness a staggering spike in coronavirus caseload, Disha Ravi, a Bengaluru-based climate activist who was arrested by Delhi police in connection with a farmers' protest toolkit, has shared a nationwide covid resource document.

Modi sad about 22-year-old’s tweet but not by floods, youths killed in anti-CAA movement: Priyanka Gandhi in Assam

Launching a frontal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday alleged PM Modi is sad about a tweet by a 22 year old woman but not for the flood ravaged people of Assam.

“Past few days have been beyond painful, yet I know that I am one of the privileged.” Disha Ravi’s statement full text

. I was lucky enough to have excellent pro bono legal assistance but what of all those who do not? What of all those still in jail whose stories are not marketable? What of the marginalized that are not worthy of your screen time? What of those who face the world's brazen indifference?

Same symptoms, different cures

When it comes to Muslim subjects, the law fails to function normally. This Hindu privilege is the standard, surpassing all political leanings and ideologies, crimes and professions. The laws work on the basis of Hindu standard, serving more or less justice to good or bad Hindus. For Muslims, it has never been imagined and thus is left to the mercy of the one who’s enforcing or practicing the law.

‘No reason to keep 22-year-old in custody’: Disha Ravi gets bail

Disha Ravi, the 22-year-old climate activist was granted bail by a Delhi Sessions Court on Tuesday afternoon - subject to provision of two sureties of Rs 1 lakh each in connection with the "toolkit" case.