Sunday, February 25, 2024

Topic: drone attack

US to offer ‘condolence payments’ to kins of 10 Afghan civilians killed in drone strike

The Pentagon said Friday that the U.S. would issue "condolence payments" to relatives of 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children, killed in an August drone strike—an attack...

Critics fume as ICC excludes US from probe into Afghan war crimes

ANDREA GERMANOS A Monday announcement from the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor saying his office is seeking approval to resume its investigation into potential war crimes...

Families of Kabul drone attack victims ask US to admit to ‘war crime’

Family members of 10 civilians killed by a US drone strike in the Afghan capital Kabul last month have rejected Washington's condolences and apologies, calling the attack a "war crime" and demanding justice under international law, reports Anadolu Agency.

Investigation finds final US drone strike targeted aid worker

A video analysis by New York Times shows the United States may have 'mistakenly' targeted an aid worker rather than ISIL (ISIS) fighters in...