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France’s Macron loses parliamentary majority

French President Emmanuel Macron has lost control of the National Assembly in legislative elections after considerable gains by a newly formed left-wing alliance, and record wins by the far-right.

Emmanuel Macron wins second term as French president

French President Emmanuel Macron comfortably defeated far-right rival Marine Le Pen on Sunday to get a second term in office. With 97% of votes counted,...

French election: Who are the candidates running against Emmanuel Macron?

Laurent Binet, Newcastle University On April 10, 48 million French will be asked to vote in the first round of France’s 2022 presidential election. Of...

French Islamophobia and the problem of modernity

The infamous experiments by the French republic include former presidents and prime ministers demanding the re-edition of the Quran, the ban on the veil, and Niqab in public places.

Phone numbers of 14 world leaders on Pegasus list

Three presidents, 10 prime ministers, and a king are among the more than 50,000 individuals whose phone numbers appeared on a leaked list of potential targets...