Monday, December 4, 2023

Topic: Germany

Germany’s €100-billion army fund: a remarkable change in post-war policy in response to the Ukraine crisis

Ed Turner, Aston University If you’d asked experts just a fortnight ago what the key features of Germany’s approach to foreign and defence policy were,...

German election explained

Alim Baluch, University of Bath It is quite unusual for the two largest parties in a given country to form a coalition. In the UK,...

COVID: US, UK, EU, France, Germany and Pakistan offer essential supplies to help India

The United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union, France, Germany and Pakistan will immediately make essential supplies proavailable to India, facing a Covid-19 surge, the leaders of countries said.

German Court rules citizens have right to protest amid pandemic

Germany's Constitutional Court has ruled that people in the country have the right to hold political protests amid Coronavirus pandemic if they adhere to physical distancing rules, Reuters reported.