Saturday, February 24, 2024

Topic: Homosexuality

I, a non-apologetic Muslim queer in a very homophobic and Islamophobic society

Being a Gay who did his coming out at a very young age in a religious household, I still am fortunate enough to be surrounded by the love and affection of my family.

Homophobia in the land of Kamasutra: The paradox

So the queer community of India can be optimistic, they may even start preparing for celebrations. But when you celebrate the ultimate victory on your big day, make sure that you pay Mr. Suresh Kumar Koushal a visit and make his day.

Even without 377, there are struggles ahead; says Revathi

'Nevertheless, like this victory which has been attained by a struggle, I am certain that lots of struggles and sacrifices will continue to attain other rights and celebrations.'

Gay sex: India strikes down colonial-era law in landmark ruling

"Any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation violates fundamental rights," the Supreme Court said in Thursday's ruling.