Sunday, December 3, 2023

Topic: Justice

Order denying bail to Safoora is a deeply disturbing one: lawyer, writer Gautam Bhatia

The Order passed on Thursday by a District and Sessions Judge at Patiala House, New Delhi, denying bail to Safoora Zargar, an accused in what has colloquially come to be known as the “Delhi riots case”, is a deeply disturbing one.

Delhi Pogrom: Court sets new precedents raising questions on criminal justice system

The case also reveals another heinous attempt and ruthlessness of Delhi Police where they arrayed innocent Muslims as accused in the cases registered on behalf of violence against Muslims.

Farewell Justice

"Justice being even sat at the court at 1 am regarding the medical support to the relief areas should be addressed as the epitome of people's judge," she told Maktoob.

Babri: Supreme Court enforces, validates majoritarian politics

When I walked into Supreme Court on 9thNovember 2019, as a young Muslim lawyer to witness the judgment of Ramjanmbhoomi-Babri Masjid Case, I very well knew that the judgement would be in favour of Hindu parties, but the factor that shocked me was the absence of a dissenting opinion in the judgment.

Mob lynching and law: Manipur’s legal inquisition to discover antidote to mob violence

This article endeavor to discuss the fundamental question whether the ‘The Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Act, 2018’,(Hereinafter ‘Act’)is model for the effective legal tool against the increasing mob violence in India.

‘It violates right to self-identity and constitutional rights’. Why Transpersons criticise the new Bill?

Transgender, intersex and gender non confirming community from across the country and allies have together opposed this amended Bill, which apart from an improved definition of the term transgender, continues to be unacceptable and needs to be redrafted or withdrawn.