Sunday, June 23, 2024

Topic: Right wing troll

Nupur Sharma hearing judge slams social media opinions as Hindutva handles target SC judge

Amid personal criticisms and trolls on social media of the two Supreme Court judges who made oral comments against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and her Islamophobic remarks, one of the judges who was part of the Bench has expressed concern over the use of digital and social media for “expressing personalised opinions” against judges.

Political satirists agonize spiking right-wing attacks

“I was all excited to open for Faruqui, never met him before but admired his work. Suddenly, when a few people stopped our show...

Making a deal: Sexualization and dehumanization of Muslim women

(Warning: Abusive texts are quoted in this article. It might be triggering for some readers.) The spectacle of the auctioning of Muslim women online...

I have a dream and right-wing is angry about it

I am Omar. A few weeks ago, I started a fundraiser for my MPhil degree at the University of Oxford. I had received an offer for admission to the Modern South Asian Studies program in April this year. However, I was unsure if I would be able to go since the cost of living and tuition fees were unaffordable.