Saturday, February 24, 2024

Topic: Security breach

Security Breach at Indian Internet Service provider Hathway: Hacker exposes KYC data of 4 million users

In a strange turn of events, reports reveal that the KYC data of 4 million users has been accessed by a hacker from the Indian Internet Service Provider Hathway.

Entire Modi ecosystem being galvanised on ‘so-called mimicry non-issue’: Congress

The Congress said the "entire Modi ecosystem" is now being galvanised on the "so-called mimicry non-issue" while it remains silent on how a BJP MP "facilitated entry of two intruders" into the Lok Sabha and on the suspension of over 140 Opposition MPs.

49 Oppn MPs suspended from Parliament today, 141 suspensions so far

In a dramatic turn of events, the suspension of 79 Opposition MPs in a single day has been exacerbated by an additional 49 members facing same action today. This escalates the total tally of suspended MPs this session to an astounding 141, setting a new record for the highest number of suspensions in parliamentary history.

45 Rajya Sabha MPs suspended amid protests over breach – 78 suspensions in a day so far

In an unprecedented development, 78 MPs, including both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members, were suspended today for staging protests in demand of a statement by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the security breach in Parliament last week.

33 Opposition MPs suspended from Lok Sabha amid protests over breach

33 Opposition MPs were suspended from Lok Sabha for the remainder of Winter Session after they protested, demanding that Union Home Minister Amit Shah address the House on the huge security breach in Parliament last week.

14 Lok Sabha MPs, 1 Rajya Sabha MP suspended amid demands for discussion on security breach

As proceedings continue to be marred by protests from members of the opposition benches in both Houses of Parliament, Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien and 14 MPs of the Lok Sabha have been suspended for misconduct in the house.