Sunday, December 10, 2023

EU calls George Floyd’s death an ‘abuse of power’

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The European Union is “shocked and appalled” by the death of black youth George Floyd in police custody.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief called it “an abuse of power” and warning against further excessive use of force.

“Like the people of the United States, we are shocked and appalled by the death of George Floyd … all societies must remain vigilant against the excessive use of force,” Borrell told reporters.

“We condemn racism of any kind … we trust in the ability of the Americans to come together, to heal as a nation,” he said.

Borrell says law and order officials must not be ‘using their capacities in the way that has been used in this very, very unhappy death of George Floyd. This is an abuse of power and this has to be denounced.’

He underlined that Europeans ‘support the right to peaceful protest, and also we condemn violence and racism of any kind, and for sure, we call for a de-escalation of tensions.’

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