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European Union’s anti-Islamophobia coordinator post remains vacant since 2021

History to hate Muslims and their practices is not a thing that seems hidden, the responsibility to normalize anti-Muslim hate has taken a go in recent years. In the European Union, the fire of hate against Islamophobia was raised but was diluted very soon.

The problem initially was considered a thing of concern by the EU Commission Coordinator and actions were being taken against anti-Muslim hatred. With the involvement of seminars with officials and academicians, reports, and awareness through social media, this issue was raised multiple times.

The anti-Muslim hatred diplomats were also implied to do the same job i.e. to raise awareness against Islamophobia, antisemitism, and racism.

Clearly, it was seen that the chair against Islamophobia was vacant since June 2021, and there seems no rush or concern in filling it by the commission, reported EUobserver, a European online newspaper.

Recently on 26 October, EUobserver is being told by the EU spokesperson, that function to fill the vacancy is still in the process to be carried out, and some internal respective procedures are still going on. The replies were equally blurred when the same question was raised in February 2022.

The news website was further informed by the EU commission, that even though the process is taking so long, commissions are still fighting against anti-Muslim hate on a lower level.

The EU spokeswoman also stated that the task to combat anti-Muslim hate is being carried out with DG Justice and Consumers. The spokeswoman said that issues considering anti-Muslim hate and antisemitism are equally important to fight for.

EU observer on Wednesday, clarified that for combating antisemitism, three staff members were appointed in 2020, and two were appointed for the anti-racism fight, but none was appointed to fight against anti-Muslim hate. These numbers were confirmed by Ilse Juhansone, the commission secretary general. Moreover, 180000 euros were allotted to the coordinators to spend on studies, meetings, and workshops related to the work.

It does not stop here that the letter by the secretory general further stated that extra 200000 euros were spent for two EU anti-racism submits in 2020 and 2021, but when it came to anti-Muslim hatred staff, no such arrangements were made.

In June this year, 41 NGOs stated in an open letter across Europe, that EU institutions have a track record of not addressing a single issue related to structural and institutional discrimination against Muslim minorities in Europe. The point that poked the most is the anti-Muslim hatred post vacancy.

Compiled by Aiman Mateen, an editorial intern with Maktoob and a student of mass communication at AJKMCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.


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