Wednesday, May 29, 2024

On Eid eve, Israel bombs central Gaza killing 14 in refugee camp

An Israeli air strike has killed at least 14 Palestinians, including four children, in the Nuseirat camp in central Gaza, the Gaza Civil Defense says. They were preparing to rejoice [in] the arrival of Eid.

Israeli military drones are still buzzing in Gaza, just to remind Palestinians that there is no sense of safety, even on a day that’s supposed to be a day for celebration and rejoicing, Al Jazeera reported.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has expressed his sorrow at the violence affecting Muslims in Gaza and elsewhere in his annual greeting for Eid al-Fitr.

“My heart is broken to know that in Gaza, Sudan and so many other places, because of conflict and hunger, so many Muslims will not be able to celebrate Eid properly,” Guterres said in a video message posted on X.

The UN Agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, has wished “a peaceful and blessed Eid al-Fitr” on social media.

“We welcome Eid al-Fitr with our hearts filled with sadness for what is happening in Gaza, the West Bank and across the region for those facing conflict, displacement and fear.”


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