Friday, March 1, 2024

Qassam Brigades say dozens of Israeli soldiers killed in fighting

The Qassam Brigades on Thursday said it had targeted Israeli special forces in the al-Tuwam area north of Gaza City and engaged in a battle with heavy machine guns.

“Our fighters confirmed the killing of 11 soldiers from its members, then they detonated an anti-personnel device in its supporting force consisting of 8 soldiers,” the armed wing of Hamas said.

“Al-Qassam fighters succeeded in targeting a special zionist force in the Al-Tawam area north of Gaza City with Shuath explosive devices, clashing them with heavy machine guns,” the message reads.

Israel army have not responded to the claims.

In another update, Qassam said its “fighters were able to eliminate 6 soldiers and wound others” while raiding a house “in which a number of occupation soldiers were fortified”. No further details are available.

Since the start of the ground operations, 134 soldiers have been killed in Gaza, and 740 soldiers have been injured, according to the Israeli military. But the official figure has been contested by Israel media and Hamas, claiming the casualties are much higher.

Meanwhile, sirens were sounded in Tel Aviv and rockets from Palestinian fighters were intercepted. The Israeli prime minister has given his latest vow that fighting in Gaza would not stop until the “elimination of Hamas”.


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