Monday, December 4, 2023

Tottenham to UCL Semi-Finals after a breathtaking drama against Man City

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Tottenham wins their ticket to UCL semi-finals with away goal advantage even after losing the second leg with Man City; Score 4:3 ( aggregate 4:4)

Tottenham defeats Manchester city in an astonishing or rather wildest match of the season. The thrilling game ended with seven goals and became a heartbreaker for city fans as their late saviour goal was disallowed by VAR. Although Manchester city won the second leg, Spurs will march on to face Ajax with Away goal advantage. Spurs won the first leg last week with a goal from Son Heung.

From kicked off, both teams had no time to spare as goals were scored on the fourth minute by Sterling levelled by Son within minutes. On 10th minute Son scored again giving Spurs lead for a few seconds, which got an immediate response from Bernardo Silva in less than a minute.

Pep Guardiola side knew they had to score more and kept the visitor’s box busy. An astonishing cross ball from De Bruyne met the boots of sterling giving Man city the lead in the game and tie in aggregate. With five goals produced in the first 21 minutes, the game created history with most goals in the first quarter of a champions league.

Although score remained the same till half time, the game kept the momentum until Aguero fired the ball to the back of the net in the 59th minute to save their game with Ajax. But the game got even more dramatic when Llorente’s goal was allowed after VAR review.

The last goal, struck by sterling in the 93rd minute like a typical Man. City theatrics was ruled out by VAR after Aguero got spotted offside before delivering the ball to Sterling.

In another match, last year runners, Liverpool defeated Porto to play Barcelona in the semi-finals. Liverpool won both the legs with 6 goals and conceived one, making an easy way to the semi-finals.

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