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US politician rejects Hindutva-linked contribution; donates same amount to Muslim group

John Kings rejected donations with ties to Hindutva fascist movement and Islamophobia. Image Credit: John King For Governor

American politician John B. King Jr – Education Secretary for former President Barack Obama, who is now running for governor’s office in Maryland has rejected the donation made by an individual with ties to Islamophobia and the ‘Hindutva fascist movement’.

Furthermore, the John King campaign donated the same amount to Muslim Advocates which is a national rights organization that fights against bigotry. 

The John King Campaign issued a statement on the same matter. 

The statement stated, “On Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, the King-Siri campaign was made aware of a potential donor with ties to Islamophobia and the Hindutva fascist movement. The campaign looked into the matter immediately and was able to identify the individual and total amount donated: $1,500.”

It further said, “The campaign cut a check that very day to make a $1,500 donation to Muslim Advocates, a national civil rights organization that fights against bigotry.”

The statement also reiterated John King’s commitment to ensuring religious freedom for all minorities and vulnerable communities.

On the matter, the statement noted, “John King and his running mate Michelle Siri are firmly committed to ensuring religious freedom for Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus of all castes, Jews, and all faiths and creeds.”

John King’s campaign statement even condemned the Hindutva and recognised it as a fascist movement.

The statement read, “John and Michelle strongly condemn the Hindutva movement, and the campaign will not accept funds that come from a donor with ties to it and will return any funds that were contributed without our knowledge from a donor with ties to it.”


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