Modi govt failed on all fronts: Derek O’Brien

Speaking on how the Narendra Modi government has undermined federalism, Trinamool Congress leader O’Brien cites how cess which is not shared with States has been increased, and how Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLAD) funds have been suspended under the guise of coronavirus pandemic.

“Government has failed India at many levels, it failed to uphold Parliament’s sanctity because of its arrogance.
On September 20, 2020, seven MPs who stood for farmers were suspended. I stand in solidarity with the farmers who lost their lives,” he said.

He also touches on the manipulation of BARC, fake news, media reporting among other things.

Opposition parties today attacked the government over its handling of the farmer protest, saying ministers believe in monologue and trenches have been dug, barbed wires put up and spikes installed when bridges should have been built to win over farmers.