Sunday, April 14, 2024

Amarabati Bhattacharyya

Amarabati Bhattacharyya is a journalist and writer based in Kolkata, West Bengal with a keen interest in global affairs, human rights, and culture. She has written for The Hindu, The Telegraph, PARI, and several other publications.

Walking the tightrope: Decoding Shah Rukh Khan’s puzzling politics

Bollywood’s ‘King’ Shah Rukh Khan, known for his magnetic on and off-screen presence and eloquence, has found himself in a particularly perplexing position over the years.

Oppenheimer: A spellbinding journey into the atomic age is Christopher Nolan’s finest yet

What makes a Christopher Nolan film? Many argue the unmatched cinematography, the technical sharpness, and the seamless dilution of the cinematic apparatus into the plot. Many believe it is the experience of the film, the raw and pedantic dialogues spoken by the deliberately humane characters within a fantastical plot and conversely, the fantastical script etched within a realistic plot. Oppenheimer is both — and much more. 
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Kolkata’s Zakaria Street: The taste of community in the face of communal polarisation

The experience of stepping into Zakaria Street in Kolkata is like treading through history.