Friday, May 24, 2024

Nada Nasrin

Nada Nasrin is a student of English literature at Ramjas College, University of Delhi

Arrest of Gulfisha is an attack on brave women who protested CAA: Co-protesters demand release of jailed activist

She was accused of instigating violence in the area, whereas her co-protesters and friends share their experiences of peaceful sit-in and gatherings they conducted against CAA, NRC, and NPR.

Sri Lankan journalist launches a journal for lockdown narratives

Amidst the deadly pandemic of coronavirus, a Colombo-based editor-writer, Sunila Galappatti launches a journal for lockdown narratives. 'Solidarity from two meters away', the online platform went live on March 20 as countries all around have gone strict shut down from the outer world
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The images of diverging realities – Muslim Genocide 2020

"My college lies in the vicinity of these areas. On the first day of the riot, students were wholly evacuated into the nearby metro station in police buses. The college remained closed for the next days. On back to college, the street I saw seemed less familiar, with all burnt and grey. The masjid I used to go was burnt and destroyed, houses and vehicles were demolished in the place. The air had a lot of hatred that I had to leave the area soon as I found myself suffocating", shares Razeem Ali, a first-year student of BSW, Delhi University, on narrating his inspirations for the images.

“Kejriwal slept with echoes of our cries,” students recall the night of torture

The aftereffects of pogroms and genocides are not just physical loses and economic drains, a huge part of what remains is the mental traumas we eventually reach into. The next day after the protest outside Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence demanding an immediate intervention over the anti-Muslim violence in Delhi when we gathered to narrate our experiences of the night, the stories each one of us have to tell were entirely different from each other, because the police scattered us into several corners and then chased us.
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