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‘One day you will find me in history.’ Rohith Vemula’s Poem

One Day

One day you will understand why I was aggressive.

On that day, you will understand

why I have not just served social interests.

One day you will get to know why I apologized.

On that day, you will understand

there are traps beyond the fences.

One day you will find me in history.

in the bad light, in the yellow pages.

And you will wish I were wise.

But in the night of that day,

you will remember me, feel me

and you will breathe out a smile.

And on that day, I will resurrect.

The Poem was written after Rohith Vemula first got involved in the campus turmoil. Explaining why protest against injustice is core to the self, Rohith wrote of a second coming, a motif which recurs in his writing as he struggled to overcome hurdles posed by criminal cases and university inquiries.


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