Friday, June 21, 2024

Appeal to People Across The Country to Join The Protest Call by Transgender Community


Transgender community across the country are gathering in New Delhi on December 17th to raise their voices against the draconian provisions of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016. ‘If you believe in Human rights, if you believe in gender equity, and If you are allies and friends of transgender community, do join and invite your friends to come and stand in solidarity’ , protesters said.


  1. The regressive and unscientific definition of a transgender person.
  2. The complete rejection of Reservation Policies and other Affirmative Actions proposed for transgender people in Supreme Court’s NALSA judgement and Tiruchi Siva’s Private Member Bill.
  3. The blatant rejection of the Parliamentary Standing Committee recommendations, which were demanded by the transgender community.
  4. The screening committee which is set to decide who is transgender and who is not, is a complete negation and violation of the Supreme Court’s NALSA 2014 judgement.
  5. The criminalization of the traditional hijra livelihood by begging.
  6. The criminalisation of hijra community family structures.
  7. Transphobia and other forms of systemic violence and exclusion perpetrated by the structures of caste, class and gender.


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