Saturday, February 24, 2024

BJP should stop worrying about me: Sachin Pilot

As campaigning in poll-bound Rajasthan ended today, Congress leader Sachin Pilot crticised the Bharatiya Janata Party and said that the Hindutva party does not have much to show on their report card and the chaos in state unit of BJP are evident.

“The BJP does not have much to show on their report card. Everyone is able to see the chaos in Rajasthan BJP. They should stop worrying about me. My party and the people will worry about me. I am very positive about the result,” Pilot said.

He went on to say: “Currently, our issue is the development of the state. The BJP has always had the agenda of diverting the attention on sensitive issues. The debate should be on development, security, medical service etc…”

Pilot’s statement comes hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoked the names of Sachin Pilot and the late Rajesh Pilot, during his final campaign rally in Bhilwara.

“A Gurjar’s son who gave his life to the Congress was removed like a fly in milk after the party came to power in Rajasthan,” PM Modi said. Modi had accused the Congress on Wednesday of punishing Sachin Pilot by meting out the same treatment to him as was done to his father, saying anyone who speaks the truth in the grand old party is shunted out of politics and suggesting that Rajesh Pilot lost favour with the Congress leadership after he contested against Sitaram Kesri for the party president’s post in 1997.


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