Friday, June 21, 2024

Despite CM’s appeal, hundreds of migrant workers gather at Delhi’s bus terminals to return home

Photo: Shiv Aroor/Twitter

Soon after the Delhi government announced a six-day COVID-19 lockdown from 10 pm on April 19 till 5 am on April 26, hundreds of migrant workers were seen leaving for their home states from the Anand Vihar Bus Terminal.

Though Kejriwal said that the present lockdown was a relatively ‘short’ one, and promised that the government will ‘take care’ of the migrants, the migrant workers told reporters that this time they are prepared to handle the situation in advance so that they are not stuck in the capital city with no money and food.

‘I appeal to you with folded hands. It’s a small lockdown, only for six days. Don’t leave Delhi and go. I am very hopeful and that we won’t need to further extend the lockdown. The government will take care of you,” news agency ANI quoted Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal as saying.

However, fearing a rerun of the 2020 situation, migrant workers have once again started returning to their native places, afraid that the pandemic situation may turn from bad to worse and that they may lose their jobs amid the lockdown like last year.


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