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Dr. Anwar, another whipping boy for police in Delhi violence investigation

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Amid protests over the unfair incarceration of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protestors in connection with northeast Delhi violence investigation, Delhi Police has now come up with charge sheets aiming more of them.

Dr. M A Anwar, the owner of New Mustafabad’s Al-Hind hospital, also finds his name in a chargesheet filed by Delhi Police in the murder of 20-year-old Dilbar Negi. Negi, who worked at Anil Sweets shop in Shiv Vihar, was found murdered inside a godown on 26 February.

Dr. Anwar, who has been known for his benignant acts in treating riot victims with injuries, including bullet wounds and skull fractures, is now accused as the organizer of the protest which paved for violence.

The chargesheet, filed on 4 June observes Anwar and a Nehru Vihar resident Arshad Pradhan as the organizers of the protests at the Farooqia Mosque, which is about 1 km far from Al hind hospital.

“The organizers of the protest which took place at Farooqia Masjid are 1. Arshad Pradhan 2. Dr. Anwar, owner of Al-Hind hospital. The above-mentioned persons could not be interrogated; they will be questioned later and we will accordingly investigate. The violence which took place on February 23-24 was not an isolated incident….” the charge sheet reads.

“Neither did I organize nor did I participate in the protest because I was always busy. In fact, a few times I told the local police that commuting in the area is a problem due to the protest and it should be cleared out. My name has been dragged in this simply because I treated people in the hospital during the riots. I am being dragged in this case because I showed basic humanity. I am being targeted. These are false allegations.” Dr. Anwar told Indian Express.

“Most inhuman act by Delhi Police, Dr. Anwar who risked his own life and saved many wounded victims of riots by operating his private clinic free of cost was mentioned in the chargesheet as culprit. I was expecting some honor for him from the government but this is the honor he gets. Shameful,” Harjit Singh Bhatti, National President of Progressive Medicos & Scientists Forum(PMSF) said.

Besides Anwar, activists namely Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, former civil servant and activist Harsh Mander, political psychologist, and Swaraj party chief Yogendra Yadav, Sikh activist DS. Bindra and AISA leader Kawalpreet Kaur were also been mentioned in various charge sheets by stating allegations on northeast Delhi violence.

“Delhi Police has mentioned my name along with Yogendra Yadav and DS Bindra in a chargesheet in reference to the Northeast Delhi violence case. We have been presented as having acquaintance with the accused in the case and have been blamed for giving out hate speeches in anti-CAA protest sites,” Kawalpreet Kaur who is the Delhi state chief of All India Student’s Association (AISA) told Maktoob.

She added that her speeches are in public record where she had reiterated her opposition to the discriminatory law-CAA and asked for saving democracy and diversity in India.

“It is now clear that the Delhi Police investigation in the Northeast Delhi violence case is meant to frame the peaceful protestors against CAA as rioters. This is just another attempt by the Delhi Police to harass and intimidate me after they seized my phone a month back,” Kaur said.

Even after the eyewitnesses have testified, Delhi Police who does not even dare to touch Kapil Mishra and others, are now selectively harming those who have extended their support to victims, many critics raised the concern.

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Raniya Zulaikha
Raniya Zulaikha
Raniya Zulaikha studies BA Political Science at University of Delhi and she writes on politics and identity.

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