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Pictures: The valley’s fight against a pandemic

Idrees, an eleven-year-old Kashmiri boy who studies in the fifth standard, wearing a face mask looks out of the window. Mubashir Hasssn/Maktoob

Three persons tested positive for COVID-19 in Kashmir on Wednesday, taking the total number of cases in the valley to 103.

There has been a curfew and communications blackout in Kashmir since the Indian government revoked the region’s autonomy last year.

The fear over the coronavirus is compounded by a feeling among Kashmiris that the administration is not being transparent with them as the valley’s administration reports to New Delhi.

A major crisis is regarding the Muslim majority region’s healthcare is that the Kashmir’s hospitals, which remain understaffed and ill-equipped to fight the deadly virus.

The data say that the doctor to patient ratio in the Kashmir region is one of the lowest in India.

Compared to the doctor-patient ratio of 1:2,000 in India, Jammu and Kashmir has one allopathic doctor for 3,866 people against the WHO norm of one doctor for 1,000 population.

In Kashmir, one of the most militarized zones in the world. The military to civilian ratio is 1:10

Srinagar municipal corporation worker sanitizes the area near the Lal Chowk square in Srinagar. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
Reeling under two ongoing lockdowns, people in the valley fear that the double lockdown will hit them hard. A woman wearing a protective face mask walks in Park in Kashmir. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
Army personnel wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
Indian paramilitary troopers ask people to do sit-ups as punishment for going out during a government-imposed lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak in Srinagar, Kashmir. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
All pharmacies continue to function amid the lockdown to contain the pandemic. Two pharmacists in their pharmacy in Srinagar. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
Workers wearing protective suits and respirators as they clean the roads in the valley. Mubashir Hassan/Maktoob
Mubashir Hassan
Mubashir Hassan
Mubashir Hassan is a freelance journalist based in Srinagar, Kashmir.


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