Friday, May 24, 2024

Kerala skateboarder on trip to Kashmir killed in road accident in Haryana

Anas Hajas, India’s young skateboarder dies aged 31 amidst his all India skateboarding trip in Haryana.

Hajas, a YouTuber, adventurer, traveler and skateboarder from Kerala, was killed in an accident while on a skating adventure trip on Tuesday.

Although the incident occurred in Haryana’s Panchkula district, the trip was intended to go from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. His attempt to become the “world’s first individual to travel a 3700km long trip on a skateboard” was derailed by the catastrophe. He chased adventure as a full-time career and was a very enthusiastic tech professional.

His recently discovered passion for longboarding turned him into a pro rider and inspired him to reach greater heights in skating.

Hajas wanted to encourage longboarding among the enthusiastic youth because it was an extremely neglected sport in India. He also made a sincere effort to improve rider safety in the sport and devise ways to promote it widely in India.

Hajas earlier emphasized that “life is a gift, and it’s worth appreciating every single moment of it.”

For the past six years, he has spent a lot of time traveling, and in between trips, he has worked as a model, in marketing, in the film industry, as a juice maker, a video editor, a cab driver, and even as a teacher. Along the trip, he encountered several people, which made him extremely glad and eager.


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