Friday, March 1, 2024

Modi govt silenced crores of Indians by suspending 146 MPs, alleges Rahul Gandhi

The MPs of the INDIA alliance gathered at Jantar Mantar on Friday to protest against the suspension of about 150 Opposition legislators during the Winter Session of Parliament.

“Every MP carries lakhs of votes. You have not only suspended the MPs but have also silenced crores of people who had voted for the representatives who are now suspended. They think they can control the media. They think that they can give the country’s wealth to the Adanis. However, I am sure that they can never understand the youth of the country,” said top Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

He also attacked the ruling party over the December 13 Parliament breach: “How could two youths able to enter Parliament carrying the gas canisters. If they could have passed the security checks, then they could have also carried something else too. How were they able to pass these checks?”

He said: “When the incident happened, the BJP MPs, who call themselves patriots, had run away. People were not shown this on televisions but we, who were inside the House, witnessed it.”

“The government has not given employment to youth. This is why they jumped and entered the Parliament,” Gandhi added.


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