Sunday, March 3, 2024

Modi has no respect for culture, language and people of Tamil Nadu: Rahul Gandhi

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no respect for the culture, language, and people of Tamil Nadu. He thinks that Tamil people, their language, and culture should be subservient to his ideas and culture,” said former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi at his roadshow in Coimbatore on Saturday.

Congress leader Gandhi today began his three-day visit to Tamil Nadu, which is slated to go to polls later this year.

“We believe there are multiple cultures and languages. We believe all languages including Tamil, Hindi and Bengali have a space,” Gandhi launched poll campaign in the southern state.

Congress leader also said that he has a family relationship and not a political one with the people of Tamil Nadu.

“My relationship with Tamil Nadu is always like a family, out of trust and honesty. I am not here for any selfish interest,” Gandhi said.

During his three day visit, Rahul Gandhi will be meeting representatives of MSMEs, industrial labourers, weavers and will also be attending a farmers convention while there.


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