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Now, it’s Rahul Sonpimple , BAPSA Leader Being the Target of the Casteist ABVP Members of JNU

Here we have to remember how ABVP was circulated the video of Rohith Vemula talking about tearing of the ABVP poster. Now, it’s Rahul Sonpimple , research student of JNU and BAPSA leader being the target of the casteist ABVP members of JNU. After being abusing him about his caste identity in front of the security personnel, they are circulating the video of how the offended Rahul is speaking up for his self-respect. it’s high time to tell ABVP that we are not falling pray of your propaganda and it’s the time we must stand with the students from oppressed and marginalised communities who are fighting with this casteist goons in Universities.

Read Rahul’s statement here : 

“On the night of 21st February, few student activists of JNU were putting up posters regarding Najeeb along with names of ABVP members who had assaulted Najeeb.After seeing this, ABVP members of JNU started threatening and abusing students in front of Sabarmati Hostel. In this entire course of event as I was standing there along with other students, three individuals of ABVP Lalit Pandey, Asutosh Mishra and Abhijeet Dwivedi came and started taunting and mocking me. When I asked them to back-off and mind their business they started using Casteist slurs for me and threatened to lynch me.They said “Jis gandi jagah se aye ho wahin wapas bhej denge, tumari aukat tume dikha denge…Tum suvar palne wale log jake shuvar palo aur kat ke khao” (You go back to the dirty place where you came from otherwise we will make you go back and show you your place… You pig rearing people go back and rear pigs and eat them).

Thereafter, whatever I said was my response to their Casteist slurs. Now, the same Casteist goons of ABVP are circulating only the selected clip where I am replying to their threat to lynch me and to their Casteist slurs. The security officials standing there instead of protecting me stood as spectators.This entire time, Abvp gang kept giving threats while making gender insensitive comments to women students who were present there.These three individuals along with other members of ABVP have displayed their caste arrogance while threatening me on the basis of caste identity. I would like to tell the ABVP that their caste arrogance and communal remarks will not be quietly tolerated by me or my community.

Najeeb has been missing for more than a year now due to their mob assault. ABVP goons having the support of JNU VC, authorities and BJP government have been using this impunity every now and then in campus to threaten students from the marginalized sections. As students we need to come together to fight against this ABVP terror in campus.

Lastly, I want to tell only one thing to ABVP terrorists:
“Hum Ayenge Sina Taan Tumhari Aisi Taisi”

Jai Bhim! Jai Phoolan!!!
Rohith Vemula Zindabad!!!”


Heba Ahmed , research student of JNU and YFDA leader has also shared her experience on Facebook : “At 11.30 pm, we got the news that ABVP members have created a ruckus at Sabarmati Hostel because four-five students were trying to put up posters of “Where is Najeeb?” We were then in Teflas, reading Malcolm X. When we got the news, we rushed to Sabarmati Hostel and saw a crowd of students there. Within the crowd, a group of ABVP students were giving abuses to those who had gathered there. They were even trying to provoke and intimidate the students gathered there. I heard one of them say, “Dekho saala Rohingya bhi aagaya beech mein.” When some of us tried to stop them from threatening and abusing us, one of the ABVP female members started shouting at me and abusing me and even threatened to hit me. They even threatened Rahul Sonpimple. Meanwhile the security guards were just standing dumbly. If there had not been a large number of students present, ABVP members would have actually attacked someone today. I just wish this strength of numbers had been present when Najeeb was lynched.”

Report – Swathi MP


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