Friday, April 19, 2024

In Kerala , Adivasi Youth Was Beaten to Death By Mob And A Selfie of The Same Shared on Social Media

In Kerala , an Adivasi youth, who was nabbed and beaten up by locals  died on Thursday. The incident happened at Kadukumana, Attapadi, in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Madhu, 27 was beaten to death by the native people of the place accusing him of stealing food. He was beaten up severely and this brutal incident was made worse when a selfie was taken of the same and shared on social media platforms.

He had his hands and legs tied up in the selfie taken just before beating him to death. Madhu was handed over to the police after the cruel practise. The police say that Madhu had serious injuries and had vomited while in the police vehicle. He died on the way to the Agali Hospital. Police said that post-mortem would be conducted on the body kept at Agaly government hospital and further procedure would be initiated after that. A case for homicide will be registered if it gets proved that he was beaten up by locals.


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