Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Replica of India Gate, Martyrs’ Wall, Tree of Martyrs… People remember slain CAA protesters

More than thirty three people have been killed in police firings nationwide since the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed in parliament. Of all the CAA protest-related police killings, 80% were Muslims and 70% were recorded in Uttar Pradesh followed by 20% in Assam. 

Replica of India Gate

A replica of the India Gate has come near the Shaheen Bagh protest site with names of the people who have lost their lives in police firings during anti-CAA protests across the country inked on it.

Over two dozen such names are written on the replica including those from states like Assam, Karnataka, Bihar and most of them from Uttar Pradesh.

“Their names will not be forgotten. The mentioning of the names of the people who got killed in the anti CAA, NRC and NPR protests across the country is a reminder,” say protesters.

Tree of Martyrs

Aligarh Muslim University students paste names of the protesters and civilians who killed in the police violence during the CAA protests on a tree as students gather back resume their protest inside the campus.

Wall of Martyrs

“The names etched on this wall each signify a life given to share the message of resistance and struggle against the Hindutva regime and the Islamophobic laws,” Aligarh Muslim University student says.

The Martyrs’ Wall is constructed inside the Aligarh Muslim University campus.


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