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‘Central University of Kerala administration has never been student friendly’. Voices of dissent from CUK

The Central University of Kerala is in turmoil as the student community protests casteist and discriminatory actions against students and teachers who dissent.  Students and teachers are protesting last three days, demanding an immediate revocation of the ‘disciplinary actions’ from university admission.

A professor at the CU Kerala was suspended from the post of Head of Department of English and Comparative Literature on Friday, allegedly because he put up a Facebook post in support of a Dalit student who was targeted and arrested. Prasad Pannian, Ph.D., the suspended HOD, had put a Facebook post on August 11 in solidarity with research scholar Ganthoti Nagaraju.

Akhil Jaya, a student of the Department of International Relations and Political Science, was expelled recently on the basis of a Facebook post he wrote criticising the administration. The student has allegedly written against the VC, registrar, and warden.

Ambedkar Students Association’s response towards ‘hindutva administration of CU Kerala’:-

“Anti-student policies of the Central University of Kerala administration reached into a new realm. Akhil Thazhath, M.A. student of International Relations and Politics was dismissed from the university on an allegation that he used obscene words against the administration. But he refused the allegations that it was a part of his short story and later gave an apology letter to the enquiry committee stating that he was sorry if he did hurt their sentiments. Akhil Thazhath was an active member in CU Kerala student’s agitation. The student community believes that it was the main reason which led to his dismissal. This is not the first time the administration us using their powers to curb students’ right to protest

Facebook page of a person is a medium of expression of his/her thoughts. Akhil allegedly said that he wasn’t trying to defame CU Kerala administration. This is another case of witchhunt which is a trend today in CU Kerala. During the dismissal, it should either be discussed with his department or a student representative who was part of the enquiry committee. Therefore the Ambedkar Students’ Association-Central University of Kerala urges student community to stand with Akhil Thazhath for his fight for justice. ASA CUKerala demands a proper enquiry mechanism to deal with such issues.

CU Kerala administration has never been student friendly. Delimiting student voices criticism with oppression has been the sanghi administration’s way of disrespecting the constitutional right to freedom of opinion and expression. Now, the suspension of a faculty from the post of the Head of the Department becomes their new move.

Dr. Prasad Pannian, Head of the Department of English and Comparative Literature, who is known to be a liberal and student-friendly human being among the students, was suspended for showing support to a Ph.D. scholar of Linguistics department, Ganthoti Nagaraju. Nagaraju, an active member of ASA CU Kerala, was sent to jail for breaking a small glass pane in men’s hostel. In his Facebook post, Prasad sir showed his solidarity to the Ph.D. scholar criticising the anti-student policy of the administration.

Ambedkar Students’ Association, CU Kerala condemn this act of injustice against a faculty of this university.
When is dissent not an even option, who can assure the freedom of speech which is given by the constitution? This is a question to be pondered when similar instances of unilateral repressive measures by the administration against the student community are recurring.

The uncertainty of career of students, as well as faculty members in this university, makes us ponder upon the future of human rights in a university administered by nothing but sheer intolerance and authoritarianism characteristic of Sangh Parivar’s all regressive measures.”

Statement from Akhil Jaya who was expelled from Central University of Kerala, Kasargod recently

“I am ousted from Central University of Kerala (CUK). Received the dismissal order from John sir yesterday. I am definitely obliged to those who extend sympathy to me by saying ‘ student dismissed from University for Facebook post’. All of them are the guardians of democracy. However, I am never surprised by my dismissal, moreover, it is not a relevant personal loss for me. I am just an average student. I don’t have any big academic ambitions. However, in the competitive future with increasing price rise and unemployment, I might have to face a part of difficulties faced by the large insecure section of the society. Yet, I am a comfortable person with a lot of possibilities. In that sense, I was a consumer of the Central University of Kerala. The University administration has done more culpable, violent and vengeful act than my dismissal. The dismissal of our hostel caretaker Sandeep. He was a very responsible and lovely person, who would do all his work in the hostel perfectly. Without any reason, they ousted him and made political appointment in that position. Nobody was there to support him. The University action which dismissed 15 cooks including poor Prakash and Rajettan for protecting the nepotic political appointments was anti-student, anti-humanity and was a betrayal. More than 40 office staffs employed as outsourced in the University are appointed illegally violating UGC regulations. All of them are inclined to the politics of BJP-RSS. Moreover among security staffs also there are BJP workers with criminal cases like Pollakada Suresh. Dr. Mohan khunder, who headed the inquiry on my Facebook post issue, also has a decayed history. By disallowing Vishnu to take his exams saying that he doesn’t have the requisite attendance, he spoiled the future and JRF ( which Vishnu cleared in the 1st semester itself) of Vishnu. Mohan khunder is entitled to this established teacher’s ego. This is what he said to Vishnu ” don’t take pride in your JRF”. All these point us that we are facing a bunch of criminals protecting the status quo. Being unable to do the necessary struggle at the right condition, I want to say that I am also responsible in creating this status quo. With more love and comradeship, I want to continue my life through my struggles. I want to despise those who think that they have taught me a lesson. They are the real victims of history. Not me”


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