Sunday, March 3, 2024

“Tantamount to denial of justice”: IAS body expresses dismay in early release for convicted politician

The Central Indian Administrative Service Association on Tuesday said that it was deeply dismayed by the Bihar government’s decision to grant early release from prison to gangster-turned-politician Anand Mohan who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of former District Magistrate G Krishnaiah.

Mohan, who founded Bihar People’s Party, was convicted for the murder of the then Gopalganj DM Krishnaiah in 1994.

The court held him guilty of inciting a mob that was protesting the killing of Chhotan Shukla, another gangster-turned-politician from the Bihar People’s Party.

There has been widespread criticism against the state government after it amended the prison manual on April 10, to remove a provision that disallowed remission to those convicted of murdering a public servant on duty.

“A convict of a charge of murder of a public servant on duty, cannot be re-classified to a less heinous category. Amendment of an existing classification which leads to the release of the convicted killer of a public servant on duty is tantamount to denial of justice,” the statement reads.

“Such dilution leads to impunity, erosion in morale of public servants, undermines public order & makes a mockery of administration of justice. We strongly request the State Govt. of Bihar to reconsider its decision at the earliest,” it reads.


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