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Thousands join India’s Maharally in Delhi; leaders declare, ‘BJP will still not cross 180 seat’

A ‘Maharally’ has been organised by the Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) at Ramlila Maidan in the national capital today to “safeguard” to speak against many issues including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest by the ED, and the “misuse” of Central probe agencies against Opposition leaders by the Union government.

The INDIA bloc has gathered to address the public after the arrest of Kejriwal, in a rally that is being touted as a show of strength by the Opposition and also a test of whether they can speak in a single voice and band together over a cause.

Five demands of INDIA alliance

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi speaking at “Loktantra Bachao in Delhi said, “The election commission should ensure that 5 demands of the INDIA bloc are met ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.”

📌 EC should ensure equal opportunity to all parties

📌 EC should stop the strongarm tactics of the ED, CBI and Income Tax Department, which are indicative of foul play

📌 Heman Soren and Arvind Kejriwal should be released from custody immediately

📌 Actions to financially strangulate opposition parties before Lok Sabha should be stopped

📌 An SIT under the supervision of the Supreme Court should be formed to look into money laundering and extortion by the BJP in the form of Electoral Bonds

Sunita Kejriwal reads out Arvind Kejriwal’s message

Narendra Modi trying to do match-fixing in these elections: Rahul Gandhi

“Have you heard of match-fixing? When by pressuring the umpire, buying the player, scaring the captain, the match is won. This election — Narendra Modi chose the umpires — this 400 seat slogan of his is not possible without fixing EVMs, pressuring the media and social media,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Our bank accounts have been frozen. We don’t have resources… Leaders are threatened, government are toppled…this is an attempt at match-fixing. This match-fixing is being done by Narendra Modi and a few businessmen.”

“If you did not vote with all your heart, their match-fixing will succeed. The day it succeeds, our Constitution will be finished. The day that happens, India’s heart will be dealt a huge blow.”

“Election Commissioners were out in place by Narendra Modi, two CMs were jailed, our accounts were sealed — why couldn’t this be done six months later and just before the elections?”

“If they (BJP) change the Constitution, the entire country will be on fire. This election is not about votes. It’s about saving the Constitution.”

Derek O Brien: ‘This is a fight between BJP vs Indian democracy’

“We have two empty chairs on the stage: Mr Kejriwal and Mr Soren you are with us in spirit,” says Derek O Brien.

He adds, “This is a fight between BJP and India democracy. Modi guarantee is zero warranty: zero warranty when it comes to employment, inflation, protecting the people’s institutions.”


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