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UP: Muslim man, child die by suicide after house-raze threat by authorities

A 50-year-old man Mohammad Saleem consumed poison along with his two children after administration officials arbitrarily informed him that his house would be razed in Uttar Pradesh ‘s Rampur district. Saleem and his daughter died. However, his son survived.

On Friday, after consuming the poison, Saleem, a resident of Shadi Ki Madaiyan village in Rampur district, and his children were rushed to a hospital. However, Saleem and his daughter died on Saturday morning.

Saleem’s two children are aged eight and six.

The tragic deaths come after revenue officials had visited Saleem’s house and told him that his house would be razed as it was built on government land.

He was working at a local tyre repair shop. According to the locals, Saeed purchased land for Rs 1,90,000 in 2016 and constructed the house.

The land that he purchased was earlier used to be part of a dried-up pond, according to Times of India.

Mehtab Jahan, the wife of Saleem, said to Times of India that several officials visited their village and informed her husband that their house would be demolished soon due to a court order. She mentioned that they had previously received a notice from the tehsildar court demanding them to pay Rs 64 lakh.

Saleem’s relative said to the newspaper that the revenue officials took the Saleem’s thumb impression on some documents on Thursday though the officials are denying it.

The relative said: “Administration officials did visit the village on Thursday and spoke to Saleem. As he is illiterate, they took his thumb impression on some documents, nothing of which he understood.”

“I have lost my daughter and husband. I want justice from the government,” Mehtab Jahan said.


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