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Video|Second life; Story of a Delhi pogrom victim

For the three days during the pogrom last February in northeast Delhi, Sharukh Khan was among dead bodies inside the mortuary of GTB Hospital. The 24-year-old was heckled and shot five times. Videos of him getting trashed were posted online. The anti-Muslim pogrom killed at least 54 lives and left hundreds injured.

Sharukh is reviving his life with compensation money and help from kind-hearted people. Although there are visual evidence of his attackers, none was arrested. The family isn’t sure if any investigation happened as they received no copy of the FIR even after nine months.

In their own words, Maktoob is the first media to reach out.

Shaheen Abdulla
Shaheen Abdulla
Shaheen Abdulla, an award-winning journalist, is the Deputy Editor of Maktoob.

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