Anil Kapoor and Govinda announce Deewana Mastana 2 on Nach Baliye, John Abraham to be a part of it

27 years later, Govinda and Anil Kapoor are set to reunite with the sequel of Deewana Mastana. The duo made the announcement on the grand finale of Nach Baliye this weekend. They also confirmed John Abraham will be a part of Deewana Mastana 2.

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On meeting Anil Kapoor after a long time, Govinda said, “Anil Kapoor is one of the most genuine people I have met and worked with in my life. He is my senior and I always looked upto him but I was very scared to talk to him. But Anil was always so cordial that he never made me feel any different from him.”

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Anil and Govinda decided that they will re-make Deewana Mastana 2. “Since Govinda and I have met after a long time, I would like to announce Deewana Mastana 2. This time we can have John Abraham too,” said Anil.

This will be pleasure news to the Deewana Mastana fans. Bollywood looking for the release soon and enjoying the reunion.

Compiled by Roshna K.


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