Sunday, June 16, 2024

Dear Look At What They Have Made You Into,

Fathima Shareef

It’s a letter from a rape attacker to it’s surivor. *With all sarcasams intented.

Clearly not an apology letter cause that wouldn’t do any good to you or me now. But then I felt pity for you on how you have become and how they have made you into. And thought of writing this to you. My lustful desires carved me a moment of pleasure eventhough I have ended up being in jail now. I still don’t think that I have lost much. With the judiciary system running flawlessly, I know I will be out soon with a sewing machine and a well fit body hopefully. Or even if I am sentenced to death, I am still okay cause I will be dead only for once. Where as you will be killed numerously each time when they look down upon you.
Look at you. You are now what they call people of your kind as ‘ Rape Survivors’. Shouldn’t you be actually thanking me for opening your eyes to the cruel happenings of the world.
You have now realized that people whom you thought of to be with you always won’t be there for long. Haven’t you?Now you know that your rights will actually be unheeded by the authorities. Don’t you?
You could have avoided all of this if you had just stayed still instead of resisting. You could have stayed silent instead of handing me over to them. What did this earn you except embarassement and harassings?
More than for what I have put you through, I am honestly guilty for how they are heading you through.
Ending up with, please don’t forget to bring out a change in our system and include them in your revenge list before setting off to take it all just on me. Cause I just raped your body, while they raped your pride and dignity. They are as guilty as I am. Aren’t they?

Fathima Shareef is a Functional English graduate student of Farook college, Calicut.


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