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Hindu nationalists have always had a problem with Adhan

Sadiya Tamanna

A video was viral in social media, where we have seen that, In the Premnagar area of Delhi, two police were telling an Imam (the prayer leader of a mosque) not to chant Adhan ( Islamic call to prayer, recited at prescribed times of the days) on Masjid. They were telling that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi ordered to ban Adhan as prevention of Covid-19. They were asked by a brave Muslim woman to show them the paper of official order. But those policemen didn’t show anything. Without showing any paper of official order, they ordered to stop chanting Adhan. Also, They didn’t let chanting Adhan on any Masjid of that area.

Hindu nationalists have always had a problem with Adhan, many would want it to be banned in India. Their Islamophobic wishes are not something new. Under the guise of ‘secularism’ and ‘liberalism’, they have always promoted and facilitated Hindu supremacist interest. And now they got their mandate from the Indian establishment itself. And it’s kind of a validation of their pre-existing anti-Muslim bias.

It’s a ridiculous notion that any sane mind can realize, even the most exaggerated explanation would be pressed to justify the connection between covid 19 and Adhan.

Then what might be the real reasons that they are trying to ban Adhan (already banned in some areas ), particularly before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan? The motive is simply to oppress the Muslim community mentally – a kind of suppression of their identity, to make Islam alien from society.

A concerted effort is being carried out to otherize Islam and Muslims from the society, and to suppress Muslims into hiding their religious affiliation, their dignity lost and a constant feeling of a vulnerability existing in their minds.

Islam has been removed and excluded from Muslim consciousness go a considerable extent. They’ve already removed Islam in intellectual, social, political, cultural, and as well from every sphere of a lot of Muslim lives. The consequence – Muslims become apologetic. A lot of Indian Muslims feel shameful for some of the rituals and obligatory part of Islam. Some even mock some rituals of Islam.

And even who practice Islam in a ritualistic manner devoid of inner conviction. i.e. Women left Hijab. And those who wear, most of them don’t wear Hijab as a dress-code rather they wear it as a mere piece of cloth which covers their head i.e. some wear a scarf with the western dress; or as a fashionable garment devoid of its real importance in Islam(devoid of its importance as a command of ALLAH.) Again, while fighting for their survival a lot of Muslims have adopted Gandhism instead of Islamic Siyasah.

There can be many more examples from every sphere of our lives. So not only west but also Indian Hindu nationalists with their authority have damaged Muslim lives in every sphere of their lives.

The consequence is: a lot of Muslims (including practicing) don’t know what Islam actually means. If they’d known, then they never adopt something else in any part of their life. Western philosophies diluted the Islamic principles and convictions from the Muslim consciousness, eradicating their basic sense of affiliation based on the kalima.

Again, the Gandhian philosophy made Muslims mentally submissive, kind of passivist. That’s why they compromised their basic principles and now they are so weakened that they are easy to target for the radical Hindutva fascists, who want to exterminate Muslims. And this shell of a community is now being easily attacked by the bloodthirsty Hindutva.

Sadiya Tamanna is doing her B.A(Hon’s) Degree in Islamic History and Culture from National University of Bangladesh.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are solely of the author and Maktoob does not necessarily subscribe to it.


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