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Homes you must visit in Kerala, Mr. Jaitley

Afsal Rahman CA

Having great concerns over the alleged increase of violence in the left front ruled state of Kerala, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister and a high profile leader is visiting the state today. He will be visiting the house of Late Rajesh RSS worker who was hacked to death in Trivandrum and the culprits of murder have been arrested.It is highly unfortunate to loose a human life, and being a BJP leader Jaitley,s  visit to his home could have been justifiable.

But the false campaign on the law and order situation in prelude to his can be seen as something as not of a sincere concern over the peaceful coexistence. Rather it can be seen as an effort to intrude into BJP less political space of Kerala. And thats a nasty game of power politics too. Had the concerns of the central government be sincere Mr. Jaitley would have visited some other homes too.Following are two of them that came in the recent memory

Riyaz Moulavi

A Muslim priest and a teacher at the local madrasa in Kasargod, northern most district of Kerala. Inspite of not aligned to any political party, he was hacked to death after being called upon from his night sleep in his room adjacent to masjid.The motive behind his brutal murder was later found to incite communal violence in the region. The culprits arrested in thie case actively belonged to RSS the ideological mother organisation of BJP.

Faisal Kodinhi

A muslim youth from Kodinhi of Malappuram district, who was hacked to death by RSS workers. He too had no visible political alignations. He had threats from the RSS for his conversion from Hinduism to Islam. He was brutally murdered in the early hours near his house when he was on his way to pick his parents.Some of the RSS workers took part in his murder also had hand in the murder of Yasir who too was killed similarly. Later the whole of Faisal’s family converted to Islam.

There are lot more homes in the list.But keeping in mind your busy schedule, it would be enough if you visit these homes, Mr. Jailtley.

(Afsal is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi)


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