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It is Murder , Vinayakan’s Father Speaks Out

Vinayakan , A 19-year-old Dalit youth, who was taken into custody by Kerala  police for questioning and later let off, alleged committed suicide at his home at Pavaratty in Thrissur district after reportedly being brutally tortured. Vinayakan’s father had earlier alleged that Vinayakan was physically tortured and verbally abused at the police station. Vinayakan has not been until now, accused or punished in any case. Nor have any complaints been raised against him earlier.

Vinayakan’s father spells out his experience at the Pavaratty police station , Kerala where his son was taken into custody and cruelly tortured. The trauma forced Vinayakan to commit suicide soon after he was released. Below is an excerpt from E.C Krishnan, his father’s words which bring out the barbaric attitude of the police officers at the station:

“We understood the intensity of the torture only after the postmortem report was out. What unpardonable sin did my son commit to undergo such merciless treatment.. That he spoke to girls, or that he rode a motorcycle without a driving license? Was this the punishment he deserved? When we reached the Pavaratty police station, I was told he had no documents of his vehicle. A police officer also advised me to not spare the rod in bringing up my children. When I told him I generally didn’t beat them up, he asked me to give a tight slap on Vinayakan’s face. I refused. Had I slapped him then, they would have cited it as the reason for my son’s suicide.  Suspending the concerned police officers is too small a punishment. Strict action should (also) be taken against the station S. I.  Several people have come in solidarity. The Scheduled Caste organizations have all assured us their support. I wish all the social and political organizations come together to ensure that justice is perfectly meted out. Vinayakan’s funeral rites will be carried out on Wednesday. We will think about further plans on agitations after that.”

Compiled by Ayisha Humayun Kabeer


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