Now Justice Karnan has Exposed the Blatant Casteist Character and Rampant Corruption of Judiciary.

Sumeet Samos

I have asked this question time and again in my life and I am sure most of the Dalit friends have asked the same. What extra efforts and what is so extraordinary and revolutionary do we have to do that would get your attention and appeal your Conscience ??
Then I realized if Baba Saheb , Savitri mai and Phule couldn’t then how would we.

You guys had Gurmehar’s profile pic everywhere during ” Save DU ” with I am not afraid of ABVP, Very nice. But I still don’t know what you saved, as if DU was not already a Casteist and Elite space for us. 

You guys even wrote ” Trump is not my president ” and it went viral, by the way technically he is not your president, Pronob DA is.
Ironically, only when Dalit and Adivasi women are raped and murdered only then do their pictures and names so insensibly come to your Social medias. When Dalit scholars die you stand with them and use them as your profile pics.

Now Justice Karnan has exposed the blatant Casteist character and rampant corruption of judiciary.Will there be any stand with Justice Karnan or “Save Judiciary ” campaign, I am still waiting.

I always draw a demarcation between we and they .”They ” for people having caste conscience which goes behind your tag lines or which colleges you have studied or how sophisticated English you speak.Tell us, Why will we not make this demarcating line when you yourselves are exposed through your silence on us time and again,?

And yes tell us where is it that Justice Karnan doesn’t come in your picture of Upper caste ” Stand with figures “.You only stand for your upper Caste fraternity and Prove us wrong, Waiting !!!

Sumeet Samos is a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

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