Friday, December 8, 2023

Topic: Lynching

In Haryana, more than 50000 gather to support Asif Khan’s killers

The Haryana Police said they are investigating the veracity of a video of Rajput Karni Sena chief Kunwar Suraj Pal Amu making an anti-Muslim speech in favour of Hindu youths arrested in connection with the lynching of a Muslim youth Asif Khan in Mewat.

“None of our demands has been fulfilled.” 7 years on, Mohsin Shaikh’s family awaits justice

Seven days after Narendra Modi took oath as the 14th Prime Minister of India on May 26 2014, a mob of Hindu extremists waylaid a Muslim techie in the city of Pune in Maharashtra and thrashed him mercilessly for hours.

Footprints of Asif from Ghaziabad to Haryana

The trajectory between the two Asifs is a blueprint of the normalization of hate crimes against Muslims. Over the years, the levels of ‘shock’ have become more specific, factors of age and gender have taken precedence. If the victim is not unique by any such parameters, the hate crime passes as an ordinary ‘incident’ and not even an ‘accident’.

Muslim man lynched to death in Haryana

Asif Khan, a Muslim gym trainer from Mewat district, Haryana, was lynched to death by Hindu vigilante groups on Sunday night, after forcing him to chant "Jai Shree Raam", a prayer turned warcry by the Hindu nationalist militants.

Dalit man lynched: Jignesh Mevani protests inaction against cop, detained

Gujarat MLA and Dalit politician Jignesh Mevani, was detained by Gujarat Police, on Tuesday for protesting inaction against police sub-inspector PR Solanki in connection with the lynching of Amrabhai Boricha, a 50-year-old Dalit resident of Ghogha, Gujarat.

In Jharkhand, another Muslim lynched to death

Mubarak Khan, a driver by profession and a resident of Maheshpur, was thrashed to death by a 17-members Hindu group who belonged to the nearby village Sirka.