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“Analyse this, Duwairi”: Qassam fighter calls on senior military analyst in latest video

The military wing of Hamas, Al-Qassam Brigades, published a new video on Monday garnering huge attention from netizens worldwide.

The video shows how they successfully targeted a house in Juhr Al Dik where 10 Israeli soldiers were hiding.

The locality situated in a border region in the northeast of Gaza was reportedly secured by the invading Israeli army on the first few days of the land invasion.

The fighter whose voice could be heard in the video calls on the Jordanian military expert, Brigadier General Fayez Al Duwairi, to analyse the operation through Al Jazeera.

The circulated video clip shows the house where the occupation soldiers were hiding, indicated by the iconic ‘reversed red triangle.’ The voice of the Palestinian resistance fighter is heard loudly shouting after targeting the house: “Analyse this, Al Duwairi!”

The target area then turns into a huge ball of flames and smoke.The Israeli army suffered casualties and injuries as a result of this strike, according to the Al Qassam Brigades.

The top military analyst for Al-Jazeera Arabic, Fayez Al Duwairi, has been examining each and every video that the Al Qassam Brigades in Gaza produced during the conflict.

Duwairi, the former Major General of the Jordanian army, is well-known for his optimistic assessment of the Palestinian Resistance’s performance, regularly supported by nearly daily footage showcasing the strength, prowess, and ability of Palestinian fighters.

Al Jazeera presenter Zain Al Abidin Tawfiq commented on the video broadcast by the military media of the Al Qassam Brigades during his program, stating, ‘It will certainly be analysed in the next segment, God willing.

Later on television, Jordanian Brigadier General Fayez Al Duwairi responded to the Palestinian fighter who shouted his name at the moment of striking a bunch of fortified Zionist soldiers.

General Duwairi replied to the Al-Qassam fighter’s appeal during the military analysis section on Al Jazeera by saying, “I will analyse,” mimicking the fighter’s cry, “Analyse this, Al Duwairi.”

He smiled and added, “Sure, I will analyse.”

After that, General Fayez al-Duwairi joined the host Zain Al Abidin Tawfiq, engaging in the analysis of the scenes and clips broadcast by the Al Qassam Brigades on Monday, revealing more significant losses faced by the occupation army.

Brigadier General Fayez al-Duwairi is described by political analysts and activists as causing a ‘headache for Israel’ due to his realistic and accurate military analyses exposing the vulnerability and defeat of the Israeli army.

On Monday he posted on his “X” account: “The war on Gaza has entered its eightieth day. What the occupation forces have accomplished can be summed up in committing crimes against humanity fueled by malice, hatred, and animosity, relying on continuous participation and support from America and it’s allies against the Gaza Strip and its people, who are subjected to a ruthless siege imposed by near and far powers.”

It is important to note that the Israeli occupation army acknowledged that it was losing more soldiers, and on Sunday night it revealed that two more had died. As a result, there have now been 155 military deaths in the area since the ground invasion began on October 27. At the same time, sources suggest that the figures revealed by IDF constitute only a part of the actual loss.

Also, Al Qassam Brigades and their spokesperson Abu Ubaida’s statements confirm that the losses of the occupation and the number of its dead are much higher than what is officially announced by them.

“As for those who wonder what the resistance has achieved, I say: It is enough that it continues to fight in defence of the honour and dignity of the nation, restoring its pride lost decades ago. It is also trying to defend their homeland with all the determination and the slogan of freedom, a tree nourished by blood and represented by the saying of Al-Farooq: When have you expelled people when their mothers gave birth to them free?,” Al Duwairi added in his analysis.

Duwairi believes that the current operation of Israel is an impending strategic defeat, as they have been continuously and constantly losing its military might in the ongoing battles in Gaza. He has also exposed the shameless tactic of massacring civilians to hide the failure and exhaustion of strategies in direct combat with fighters.

The fact that the resistance is able to strike with so much confidence, and the humorous reference by the Qassam fighter, negate claims by the Israeli military that it is in total control of some parts of northern Gaza.

The recent announcements and footage shared by Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups including Al Qassam Brigades, Al Quds Brigades and Hezbollah on their telegram channels, regarding their latest performance against the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip and other regions, present the crisis of Israeli army in it’s truest form.


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