Wednesday, April 24, 2024

“Israeli captives struggling for life, We are trying to protect their lives,” says Hamas

Hamas’ armed wing said on Friday that Israeli captives had suffered many losses and that those that were alive were living in extremely difficult conditions.

“Captives are living in difficult conditions and struggling for life. We are trying to protect their lives, and the enemy army deliberately killed and wounded its prisoners,” said Abu Obeida, the spokesperson for Hamas’s military wing, Qassam Brigades.

He said: “The losses among captives have become very large. We have tried to protect and care for the prisoners for months to achieve the interests of our people, and we are still striving to do so.”

“We warned dozens of times about the dangers to which enemy prisoners held by the resistance were exposed, but the enemy leadership ignored this,” said Obeida.

During a week-long truce in late November, Hamas freed more than 100 Israeli and foreign captives in exchange for Israel releasing about 240 Palestinian prisoners.

The Brigades said they are carrying out “specific deadly operations in parallel with the work of the nation’s resistance forces.”

However, Obeida said: “The scenes we broadcast are part of what our fighters are carrying out in the field, and we prefer to postpone the broadcast of some scenes for security reasons.”

Obeida said: “Our mujaheddin [fighters] are inflicting heavy losses on the enemy’s [Israel’s] ranks that are unprecedented in the history of our people.”


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