Sunday, March 3, 2024

Only 13 out of 36 Gaza hospitals partially functional

The World Health Organization says nine hospitals in the south and four in the north of the besieged coastal enclave are operational.

The four partially functional hospitals in the north have a shortage of medical staff, including specialised surgeons, neurosurgeons, and intensive care staff, as well as a lack of medical supplies, such as anaesthesia, antibiotics, and pain-relief medicine.

The nine partially functional hospitals in the south are operating at three times their capacity, while facing critical shortages of basic supplies and fuel.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, occupancy rates are reaching 206 percent in inpatient departments and 250 percent in intensive care units.

At least 165 Palestinians have been killed and 250 injured in the last 24 hours, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

In Gaza, at least 21,672 people have been killed and 56.165 injured in Israeli attacks since October 7.


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