Sunday, December 3, 2023

Palestinian digital rights group says 103,000 instances of hate speech in Hebrew since October 7

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7amleh, a non-profit organization that advocates for Palestinian digital rights, has documented over 103,000 instances of hate speech and/or incitement in Hebrew out of 120,000 posts collected between October 7th and 18th using their recently developed “Violence Indicator“.

The vast majority of these instances were found on “X”, which allows the spread of harmful content without sufficient moderation, the group said in a statement.

63% of the documented instances of hate speech and incitement were based on political affiliations and/or nationalist sentiments, and 34% were rooted in racist bias.

The remaining instances included gender-based and religious violence, among others.

7amleh recently developed the “Violence Indicator,” a linguistic model that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically and immediately monitor the spread of hate speech and violence on social media platforms in Hebrew targeting Palestinians.

The findings are then presented on “7or – the Palestinian Digital Rights Violations Observatory”.

7amleh’s interactive data analytics display enables users to use the model as a tool for understanding how prevalent hate speech and incitement are on social media platforms.

7amleh documented an additional 701 violations that targeted Palestinian users and supporters of Palestinian rights since October 7 and until October 18, which have been submitted by users on 7or.

The violations include 286 cases of account restriction or account takedowns on Palestinian activists, in addition to 415 instances of hate speech and incitement.

Among the targeted accounts are official pages of civil society organisations and independent media organisations. Those include Quds News Network, followed by more than 8 million users on Facebook, as well as the Instagram page of Mutaz Azaiza, followed now by more than 4 million users.

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