Friday, March 1, 2024

Palestinian journalist Ala’a al-Hums killed in Israeli shelling, marking 126th journalist fatality in genocidal war on Gaza

Ala’a al-Hums, who worked for Yemeni channel al-Masirah TV, has been killed in Israeli shelling of her house, Houthi spokesperson Mohamed Abdelsalam said on Monday.

In a post on X, Abdelsalam sent his condolences to the journalist’s remaining family, condemning “the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza” and stressing Yemen’s support for Palestinians.

At least 126 journalists have been killed in Gaza since October 7 while 10 others have been arrested by Israeli forces, according to government figures.

United Nations experts have previously condemned deadly attacks on journalists and media workers in Gaza.

In a statement released on February 1, the experts described the war on Gaza as the “most dangerous conflict for journalists in recent history.”

On Tuesday, an Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent and a photojournalist working with him have been wounded in an Israeli air strike near Rafah, in southern Gaza.

The Government Media Office in Gaza denounced the “targeting of the Al Jazeera channel crew for the fifth time” in an attack it said was “deliberate”.

“This targeting comes within the framework of intimidation of journalists” to prevent media coverage of the military offensive in Gaza, it said.


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