Saturday, February 24, 2024

Palestinians killed in West Bank since 7 Oct exceeds 2022 total death toll

Israeli army and settlers have killed at least 247 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since 7 October, which is more than the total death toll in 2022, according to the reports of the Palestinian Ministry of Health and  UN Humanitarian Affairs Office (OCHA).

In 2022, 171 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank  by Israeli forces and settlers.

The Health Ministry statement on Friday confirmed that around 445 Palestinians were killed by Israel in 2023 till date in the occupied West Bank.

The number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank since 7 October accounts for more than 50% of all Palestinian fatalities in the West Bank in 2023. Moreover، the number of injured is said to be about 2,866, including at least 364 children۔

An OCHA statement published on November 23 says that about 66% of the deaths occurred since 7 October were during the Israeli search and arrest operations. In Jenin and Tulkarm; 24% of the fatalities have been in the context of protests that took place in support of Gaza. 

Another seven percent have been killed while allegedly trying to attack the Israeli forces or settlers; and about two percent  in the attacks led by settlers against Palestinians; and one percent during the demolition drives carried out by Israeli forces.


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