Friday, March 1, 2024

‘Shoot first, ask later’: Human Right Watch on Israeli forces killing captives

The killings of the three captives bearing a self-made white flag by Israeli forces in Gaza underscores “Israel forces’ longstanding practice of shooting first, asking later”, said Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine’s director for Human Rights Watch.

The incident also shows Israel’s “track record of unlawfully firing at unarmed people who pose no threat without impunity – even those waving white flags”, Shakir said in a post on X.

“Hostages should not have been in Gaza—hostage-taking is a war crime. But the killings underscore Israel forces’ long-standing practice of shooting first/asking later & track record of unlawfully firing at unarmed people who pose no threat w/ impunity—even those waving white flags,” read his post on X.

“One Israeli hostage was waving a makeshift white flag and another called for help in Hebrew when they were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Gaza – who mistook them fighters – according to the Israeli military official who briefed journalists. They were also reportedly shirtless,” he added.

The killing triggered further pressure on Israel’s war cabinet to resume talks for the release of the remaining captives.

Media reports said a meeting between Qatari and Israeli officials took place in Norway to explore a new deal.


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