Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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“It’s a trap”: Why Bengali Hindus in Assam are opting out of Citizenship through CAA

Forty-three-year-old Montu Das was happy after the Indian government announced the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rules on March 11.  The CAA grants fast-track citizenship to...





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Muslim in blood: Are there no alternatives to BJP?

Strangely, even as the anti-Muslimness of this regime is, “of course, there!,” nobody openly talks about them as factors that should constrain vote for BJP. The Muslim question i.e. the violence against Muslims, has been derided into a non-issue in electoral calculations just like how the left has wanted which often claims, “let’s focus on real issues [and not on religious issues even as the entire Hindutva practice today is organized around religion about which I have written elsewhere]”

Analysing dip in Academic Freedom Index: Who takes the deepest plunge?

Dr. Shirin Akhter, Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan The recent revelation on the Academic Freedom Index (AFI) shows that academic freedom has registered a further dip...

“Aadujeevitham”: Fails in its adaptation, survives on visual grandeur and built-up anticipation

One can understand how the idea of Najeeb’s Iman in the novel is universalised into Hope in the film. This might appear as nit picking but given the current situation, I cannot help but highlight how Islamic narratives are appropriated by liberal language use.