Sunday, June 16, 2024

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West Bengal: Professor resigns citing “anti-hijab policy”, college changes dress code after outcry

Kolkata's LJD Law College is embroiled in controversy after an assistant professor, Sanjida Quader, resigned alleging pressure to remove her hijab on campus. Quader,...





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2024 elections bring a sigh of relief, but is the nightmare over for Indian Muslims?

The much anticipated and much feared 2024 Lok Sabha elections are over. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to be the Prime Minister. Still,...

Witnessing genocide from comfort: ‘Do Palestinians get a moment to mourn?’ 

In the most comfortable corners of the world, these atrocities often feel distant and abstract. But for those living through this hell, the reality is a constant struggle for survival. The powerful may debate and decide the fates of millions from their secure enclaves, but on the ground in Gaza, the fight is for the most basic human right: the right to live.

Media gains from false narratives: A socio-economic  analysis

Shirin Akhter, Vijender Singh Chauhan In the complexly woven design of India's social, political and economic framework the media serves as both a beacon and...