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Gaza: Nasser, al-Amal, al-Shifa hospitals ‘under complete Israeli siege’ for 24 hours

The Nasser, al-Shifa, and al-Amal Hospitals in Gaza have been under complete Israeli siege for the past 24 hours.

Israeli forces at the al-Amal Hospital have been forcing patients to flee from the hospital under really critical conditions, while there are still patients inside unable to leave as the bombardment and confrontations between Hamas fighters and Israeli soldiers continue, reports Al Jazeera.

“What we can see on the ground is a systematic creation of a corrosive environment in which Israel, with its destruction of neighbourhoods and hospitals, is making Gaza unliveable for the majority of Palestinians,” says Tareq Abu Azzoum, Al Jazeera reporter.

“Gaza has been turned into a graveyard, with hospitals and houses being attacked and destroyed,” he added.

A young Palestinian man who fled from Khan Younis in southern Gaza has told Al Jazeera that Israeli tanks have laid siege to the city’s Nasser Hospital.

“Since 2:30 at night, we have been carpet bombed by Israeli warplanes. The entire area near Nasser Hospital was shaking as if it were an earthquake. We took shelter in our building’s stairwell until the morning. We assumed the Israeli soldiers would lay siege to the area, so we ran for our lives. Some took shelter in the hospital and others remain stranded,” he said in a video testimony.

“Israeli snipers are shooting at all those moving on the road. Many dead bodies are lying on the street. Both Nasser and the Jordanian Hospitals are besieged by Israeli tanks.”

Palestinians who fled the ongoing Israeli siege of al-Shifa Hospital says Israeli tanks and armoured bulldozers drive over at least four bodies and ambulances.


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